The wedding planning journey is different for everyone, especially when there are different cultural elements involved. As a couple, you are unique, so your wedding should be too. One of the first things we do with our couples is to get the full download on where they are at with their wedding planning and what their true vision is. Our job is to make the complex simple, so you can relax and enjoy the best bits of the journey leading up to your special day.

Some couples come to us wanting someone to take care of the whole wedding, some couples want to be more involved. We get asked this question a lot, so we thought we'd share with everyone our thoughts.

What should I be considering...


12 + Months Before the wedding

  • Choose wedding date
    • On the weekend? weekday? In Summer? Spring? Considerations for an auspicious date?
  • Have an engagement party
    • Spread the exciting news with your loved ones and have lots of fun doing it
  • Settle on a budget
    • Start the conversation around who is funding what. Set a budget, even if its rough
  • Think about the guest list
    • Start talking to your fiancé and your family to get a good idea on who's coming

9-12 Months Before the wedding

  • Pick your bridal party
    • Agree on the numbers in your bridal party and find a special way to reveal the honour
  • Pick the venue
    • Research and book the wedding ceremony and reception venue that you both love
  • Develop a wedding vision
    • As a couple, determine what does your ideal wedding day look like.
  • Draft a guest list
    • Put together a good first draft of your guest list keeping in mind your families and their expectations

6-8 Months Before the wedding

  • Decide on photographer
    • Decide on the photographer and videographer and book well in advance.
  • Shop for the dress
    • Keep in mind some dresses take up to 7-10 months to make
  • Design your invitations
    • Personalised stationary can take a few months to make, start early and set the theme
  • Send out save-the-dates
    • Send out the 'save the dates' so that your guests are keeping that day free for you

4-5 Months Before the wedding

  • Arrange transportation
    • Book the transportation on the day for yourself, the bridal party and your guests.
  • Check on the invitations
    • Make sure the invitations are in production and on track to be ready 2 months before the big day.
  • Settle on the wedding cake
    • Meet with the baker and articulate your vision on the wedding cake.
  • Makeup and hair trials
    • Go to a couple of different makeup artists and hair stylists to get the style you are after.

2-3 Months Before the wedding

  • Finalise menu and decor
    • Confirm the menu for your reception and ensure the table decorations have been ordered.
  • Purchase wedding favours
    • Purchase the wedding favours that you will be gifting your guests with.
  • Craft a wedding playlist
    • As a couple, decide on the important songs for walking down the aisle and the first dance.
  • Purchase bridesmaids gifts
    • Find something special to give to your bridesmaids who will forever remember the day.

As you can see, the planning journey can become overwhelming very quickly. As a wedding planner, we work behind the scenes so you can enjoy the best parts of planning your wedding and the heavy lifting is taken care of.