We plan, design and coordinate a wedding that’s truly unique to you and your loved one.


We help couples like Julia and Oliver design and plan their wedding to absolute perfection.


Meet Julia and Oliver

With the wedding planned for summer next year, Julia envisions her wedding day to be planned to perfection.

Both Julia and Oliver work full time hours during the week and sometimes even late into the evening. Weekends are particularly precious as Oliver has a range of recreational activities with his social club that blocks out a fair few weekends of the calendar year.

Time is precious and the couple cherishes every spare moment that they can spend with each other. An afternoon spent at their favourite coffee spot defines their perfect date.

For couples like Julia and Oliver we recommend…

Our full planning service where we take care of everything for you from start to finish. Our team of experts considers every detail big and small, we become your shoulder to lean on throughout the entire wedding planning journey.

Biggest advantages:

  • Leverage our expertise knowledge of the wedding industry (no more playing vendor roulette)
  • Save time – we do all the hard yards so you don’t have to
  • Save money – we have a great network of resources that aims to maximise your value
  • Save your sanity – we take away the stress in the wedding planning equation
  • Making the complex simple – the more components that you envision in your wedding the more complex it becomes, you'd be glad to know we thrive in complexity.
  • Shoulder to lean on – we become that responsible best friend that you can rely on.

Full planning - starts at $2,500

We help couples like Charlotte and Edwin coordinate their wedding day seamlessly. 


Meet Charlotte and Edwin

Charlotte and Edwin have always been labeled the crafty and hands-on couple

Charlotte studies part time and does some freelance design work on the side. With lots of spare time on her hands, Charlotte felt that it wouldn't be that big of a task to plan their wedding. Edwin is always happy to help Charlotte with her big ideas.

 With her focus being on all the small details of the wedding, she wanted to make sure everything was perfect on the day, however she wanted to enjoy being the bride on the big day and not the planner. 

For couples like Charlotte and Edwin we recommend...

Our wedding day coordination services where we become the one point of contact for all things wedding related on the big day. Our professional coordinators allows the couple to savour every moment of the wedding.

Ask yourself the questions:

  • Who will the vendors be calling if something goes wrong on the day?
  • Who's giving directions to the wedding vendors?
  • Who will be setting up and packing down your DIY wedding details?

Will the pressure on the day be on you? your bridal party? your parents? your guests? 

Our wedding coordination services allow us to take the pressure away from you and your loved ones so you can savour every moment of your wedding.


We believe you are different!


We know you are different! We always jump on the opportunity to understand you as a couple first and then tailor our services to your unique needs and expectations. We are extremely flexible when it comes to our services, whether you want a person to be the sounding board to your great ideas or whether you only want a secret little helper on your special day, come to us first for the best value.

Pick and choose what you want us for, our rates start $80 per hour of wedding planning support.