5 wedding favours your guest will love you for

Are you looking for a bit of inspiration for your wedding favours? Do you want your guests to keep and enjoy their gift? Well Miss Bride-to-be, you’ve come to the right place! From macarons to perfumes, guests will love you for these 5 wedding favours that are perfect for all types of weddings.

Personalised Luggage Tags

Having a destination wedding? Bali? Maldives? Europe? Hong Kong? Personalised luggage tags are perfect for destination weddings as gifts or even name cards. Not only that, they’re also so cute if you’re going to use them as invitations! What's a better way to say “join us in New York!” than this? If you are staying local, how's this idea for a "travel" inspired theme weaved through your wedding. Whatever the excuse, your guests will love for its uniqueness and keep it for its functionality.


Lip balms

Lip balms are also perfect wedding favours that’ll help your guests look and feel beautiful, we wouldn’t want them to have chapped lips in photographs now would we? Everyone will love you for this simple gift that will continue to be used beyond the wedding. Go for something organic, pick an exotic or special flavour to add that brings out your personalit; I’m thinking a blend of passionfruit and rose for summer, and chocolate with blood orange and truffle for winter!


Macaron Pops

Every wedding needs a bit of sweetness, and these little macaron pops are the cutest thing we've seen trending this year. Not only is it so simple to add this playful touch to the classic macaron, they’re also just the right size to be enjoyed off a stick.


Monogramed Blankies

As we head on to the cooler months of the year, don't let the cold prevent you from an outdoor wedding. Your guests will love you even more if you provide blankets just in case it gets a little chilly; nothing says “thank you “ more than  these little personal touches of warmth! If you still want to add that something a little extra special, why not monogram each blanket with your guests’ initials? It’s a functional memorabilia which your guests are likely to cherish and use for a long time. They’re also perfect to snuggle in on the car trip home!


Customised mini bottles of fragrance

What better way to eternalise your magical day than to introduce an aroma, so enchanting and captivating, that there’s no way for the guests to forget your wedding...ever! Pick a scent that represents who you are as a couple, and is also suitable for your wedding’s season; it can be anything from lilies to lavender or even yuzu (now that's refreshening!).

Spray a little bit of the perfume on yourself and around the venue, and they will always remember your wedding with nostalgia every time they use that little bottle of magic. As Coco Chanel once said, “a perfume is something invisible yet unforgettable,” and we couldn’t agree more!


So Miss Bride-to-be, what do you think? Fancy any one of these? Whatever you end up choosing, just remember to always consider the suitability and functionality of it to your wedding guests and of course...keep your budget in mind as well.