Your wedding day is one of the most important of your life; a day filled with magic moments that stay in your heart forever. A day where every fine detail and every intimate experience has been hand-picked to ensure you and your partner enjoy some of the sweetest moments of your life together.

At Percarus Weddings, we believe that the lead up to your wedding day should be an exciting time filled with anticipation, peace and joy. We believe that your wedding day should embody the values, personalities and desires held by you and your loved one.

But it’s not always that easy. When faced with countless choices, religious conflicts and family expectations, planning your special day can feel overwhelming. At Percarus, we believe that stress and panic is not welcome at your wedding, and so, we’re here to take the pressure away.

Based in Sydney, our boutique wedding planning service is designed to ensure your big day goes ahead without a hitch. We’ll work alongside you to create a unique and beautiful wedding that will be held in your heart forever. You might be glad to know that we also specialise in multi-cultural and Asian weddings too. Let us take care of as much, or as little, as you need. Your job is to enjoy every little step along the way.

A little about me


My name is Jenny Au and I am the proud owner, founder and incubator of Percarus Weddings.  It’s my passion to bring your wedding vision to life and help you create a truly magical day.

I found my calling as a wedding planner after planning my own wedding. I wasn’t nearly prepared for the complexities, challenges and pressures that came with a large-scale, multi-cultural wedding.  It became my dream and soul purpose to apply the business skills I had developed over the years and help others enjoy a special day full of love, excitement and happiness.

People and laughter never cease to inspire me. It’s as if all the pieces of my life so far, have proudly led me to where I am today. My credentials up until this point just so happen to include a business degree and hospitality and event management qualifications. After a few years in hospitality, I pursued a career in consulting, where I project managed a number of large and complex projects. My challenging career to date has more than equipped me with the skills to organise with military precision, communicate with clarity and listen with empathy. Some would say that I’m not just a wedding planner, I’m your trusted friend too – and together, we can take on the world.

If you’re looking for a wedding planner who truly cares about your special day; a wedding planner who can take care of your wedding worries (and even deal with the in-laws), drop me a line and let’s have coffee.

My own wedding story

I was lucky enough to be swept off my feet with a surprise proposal. What followed was an eventful, eye-opening and unforgettable wedding planning journey. I wish I could say it was all sunshine and roses, but there were many bumps along the road to marital bliss…

While both raised in Australia, my partner and I are from Asian descent. I dreamed of an intimate, modest ceremony with only my most precious people in the room.  It quickly became clear that honouring the traditional rituals of our families was to present many challenges, twists, turns, laughter and some tears too.

When our big day eventually arrived, I couldn’t believe I had managed to pull it off. Embracing my Chinese heritage, the day started in my traditional red “kwa” dress with some games and a simple tea ceremony, followed by a Western style wedding ceremony and beautiful reception. I’m not sure how, but I had planned three separate celebrations in one, to cater to three different cultures. While our wedding day was wonderful, I could have done with someone holding my hand through this testing journey. 

The biggest lesson I learnt, was that letting someone step in and take care of the arrangements (and the worries) would have made my experience all the more wonderful. So, I’m here to help make it wonderful for you. To help you enjoy and savour every moment of your special day – so that you don’t miss a thing.